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For other motor manufacturers sharing the same name, see Gordon (1912-1916) (Gordon Armstrong - East Riding Engineering); Gordon (1954-1958) (Vernon Industries, Cheshire)

Gordon, Gordon Cycle & Motor Company Ltd was a British manufacturer of bicycles and motor cars in 1903 and 1904. It was established on the Seven Sisters Road, north London.


Gordon Cycle & Motor Company was established on the Seven Sisters Road, north London in 1903 and production ended in 1904.[1][2][3]


The Gordon Miniature was a voiturette with a 6hp single cylinder engine, two speed transmission and chain drive to the rear axle. It weighed under 488 pounds and was priced at 125 guineas (£131.25).[1][2][3]

In 1904 the car was enhanced with a 3 speed gearbox.[1]

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